Alfreda + Jim 09.10.19 – Jamberoo Kiama trike tour

Jamberoo Kiama trike tour

Our customer organised the Jamberoo Kiama trike tour for some visiting friends. Sometimes we can do rides way south of Sydney. Trike tours south of Wollongong can be organised with plenty of notice.


Our rider Barry, picked our passengers up from near the Lake Illawara area. This is south of Wollongong. Firstly they rode along the beautiful south coast to Kiama. Kiama is famous for the blowholes.


After that, they did a scenic ride inland to Jamberoo. It is famous for it’s theme park. Continuing on, they rode through the countryside along Jamberoo Road, turning off before reaching Albion Park.

However, time was up so Barry took the passengers back to drop off point. Time goes so quickly when you are having fun! ? The passengers were so happy and had such a great time. In conclusion, the Jamberoo Kiama trike tour was a huge success.

Jamberoo‘s name is derived from an aboriginal word meaning ‘track’. It is well known for the Jamberoo Action Park, Jamberoo Hotel, a pub, and the local dairy-farming community. The Australian Illawarra Shorthorn cattle breed originated in the area

Kiama‘s famous Blowhole is the largest in the world! A viewing platform with disabled access gives good views of Kiama blowhole.

This landmark has attracted people to the region for over 100 years, was first sighted by George Bass when he anchored his whale boat in the sheltered bay, now known as Kiama Harbour, in December 1797.