McGuffie Family 20.12.19 – Harley trike family tour

Harley trike family tour

Stewart contacted us three months ago. A group of two English families – adults and children – were coming to Sydney and wanted to do something very fun. They thought a Harley trike family tour around the 3 Bridges would be exactly the right experience.

Two of our Harley riders and two of our trike riders met them all at Circular Quay. After a brief safety rundown they were offered jackets but as it was a very warm day, they didn’t need any. So off they went.

Firstly, they rode over the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. Make sure you look up and around at the arches and the rivets. It’s not often you have a clear view, with no metal roof or walls hiding the view.

Blues Point Reserve

Secondly, they stopped for photos at Blues Point Reserve. This is another area where the views across Sydney Harbour towards the Sydney Opera House and the CBD are magnificent. Also, there is a lovely view of Luna Park.

They continued riding on through North Sydney and Crows Nest before joining River Road. It is a fun road to ride on. River Road leads to Burns Bay Road which, in turn, leads to another bridge but not one of the main three.

Fig Tree Bridge, Tarban Creek Bridge, Gladesville Bridge

It is the Fig Tree Bridge which opened in 1963 and spans the Lane Cove River. After that bridge, they continued on and crossed the second of the bridges Tarban Creek Bridge. This spans Tarban Creek. Then they got to bridge #2 of the main 3 Bridges, the Gladesville Bridge. It has wonderful views along Parramatta River towards the Harbour Bridge and the city.

This bridge is on the main arterial thoroughfare of Victoria Road. They travelled along for a short while before turning off into the inner west suburb of Drummoyne. Following the shoreline of Iron Cove, which is part of the Parramatta River, they saw some lovely water views. It is part of the 7 km long Bay Run.

ANZAC Bridge

They continued on riding onto the incredible ANZAC Bridge – bridge #3. Similarly, it is also great to see without a roof over your head inhibiting the view. Riding into the city is always interesting, however, time was up. The Harley and trike riders rode back to Circular Quay. The families were dropped off there so they could continue their exploration of Sydney

Our passengers thought the 3 Bridges Harley and trike ride was fantastic, a great way to see parts of the city only the locals know about. In conclusion, the 3 Bridges Harley trike family tour was a huge success.

Harley trike family tour
McGuffie Family 20.12.19 – Harley trike family tour