ANZAC BRIDGE SYDNEY – in memory of ANZACS is on the 25 April every year.

The Anzac spirit

The Anzac spirit is all about looking after your mates. It is only fitting that the bronze statue of an Aussie Digger standing sentry on Anzac Bridge, keeps an eye on his Kiwi counterpart on the opposite side.

The New Zealand soldier is 2cm taller than his counterpart and also eight years younger. He was winched into position in time for Anzac Day in 2008. The sculptor Alan Somerville said the height difference is because the trans-Tasman Digger (NZ) is wearing the traditional “lemon-squeezer” headwear, while the Australian has the famous slouch hat.

Interestingly, inside the plinth on which the Kiwi Digger stands, is a jar of sand from the shores of Gallipoli.

It is said “When the statue is placed on its plinth, it will be angled so that the Digger faces the setting sun, while the Kiwi will greet the dawn.” The Daily Telegraph of April 16, 2008 had an article about the unveiling of the New Zealand soldier. Thanks to the Daily Telegraph for the photo of the Australian soldier (on the left).

The Anzac Bridge

The ANZAC Bridge, formally known as the Glebe Island Bridge, was completed in 1996. With a span of 345 metres, it is the longest cable-stayed bridge in Australia. The Anzac Bridge is an eight-lane cable-stayed bridge that carries cars along the Western Distributor (A4). It crosses Johnstons Bay between Pyrmont and Glebe Island (part of the suburb of Rozelle), on the western fringe of the Sydney CBD.

The bridge was opened to traffic on 3 December 1995 as the Glebe Island Bridge.

However, the Anzac Bridge was given its current name on Remembrance Day in 1998. It is to honour the memory of the soldiers of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (known as Anzacs) who served in World War I. Now, ANZAC Day includes soldiers of all wars. An Australian Flag flies atop the eastern pylon and a New Zealand Flag flies atop the western pylon. On Anzac Day in 2000, a bronze memorial statue of an Australian Anzac soldier (“digger”) holding a Lee–Enfield rifle in the “rest on arms reverse” drill position, was placed on the western end of the bridge. A statue of a New Zealand soldier was added to a plinth across the road from the Australian Digger. He is facing towards the east, and was unveiled by Prime Minister of New Zealand Helen Clark on Sunday 27 April 2008.

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Harley and trike tours over the Anzac Bridge

ANZAC BRIDGE SYDNEY – in memory of ANZACS – we can take you over the Anzac Bridge on our Harley and trike tours. Our 3 Bridges will take you over the wonderful Anzac Bridge. Or, we can adapt another tour or design a completely new tour to take you over the Anzac Bridge. It’s our favourite bridge of Sydney.

The Australian Digger on the left is looking towards the setting sun. The New Zealand soldier on the right is looking towards the rising sun.