11 March 2024 – A motorcycle tour is a thrilling and unforgettable experience. The wind in your hair and the sense of freedom are unmatched. You can capture these moments and share them with your family and friends. You can turn your journey into a visual masterpiece by including a dash camera in your gear. Each step contributes to a record of your trip. Embrace the adventure, focus on your safety, and let your scramble dash camera narrate your fantastic tour. 

These are the following factors to consider for the filming method:

Choosing the right gear:

Selecting the right dash camera is essential to capturing high-quality footage. You must check your camera to fulfill these bases:

● Resolution and quality

● Video stabilization.

● Capturing smoothy and steady videos

● Durability 

● Ensuring the availability of add-ons

There are different types of cameras on the market. Action cameras like GoPro’s are famous for their compact size, durability, and wide-angle lenses. They are perfect for capturing immersive POV (point-of-view) shots, wide-point focal points, picture adjustment, and night vision capacities. You can select climate-safe cameras according to your budget. There are different types of cameras having various prices and qualities. You can choose a camera according to your budget and needs.

Microphone: Extra microphones are necessary because wind noise makes your footage better. External microphones on your helmet or motorcycle can significantly improve the sound quality compared to the built-in ones.

Additional gear: You must carry extra batteries, memory cards, a portable charger, and cleaning clothes.

Dialling in the setting.

Capturing your trip can be amazing, but we must play with camera settings. It will be a difficult task, but no worries! These steps will help you get started. Once you get more comfortable filming and editing, feel free to do different experiments with different settings. It will make the motorcycle tour a great memory forever.

Video Quality: Filming in 1080p resolution because sharing your adventure on social media platforms will be perfect for sharing. It does not take up too much space. You can choose 4k or 5k resolution if you want the best quality. Still, if you choose a more significant resolution option, your battery will drain faster because higher resolution means bigger files.

Frame rate (FPS): 30fps is the usual standard. If you select lower than this, then your video looks unprofessional. But if you want a smoother and more professional video, choose 60fps. It allows smoother slow-motion editing, capturing frames per second and giving.

Field of View: Seeing the World setting determines how much of your surroundings are captured in the shot. It means how narrow or broad your footage is. A more comprehensive view will capture more, while a more limited field will focus on a smaller area. The widest field-of-view (POV) option is recommended to capture point-of-view (POV) footage. This will ensure you, your bike, and the stunning scenery around you are all included in the frame. Ultimately, the field of view is a personal preference. Experiment and see what works best for the shots you want to capture.

Mounting and positioning.

The camera should be steady with secure mounts. If you have a 360-degree camera, you should mount it in front of your helmet. First, ensure that your camera is mounted to withstand different weather conditions. You will need a helmet mount if you have a GoPro camera. For 360 cameras, climbing to the handlebars is another well-used option. It will give you a stable mounting point. Handlebar mounts show what you see and are most convenient; chest mounts capture you and the scenery, and helmet mounts offer an ultra-immersive view (be careful not to block your vision!). Look for mounts that reduce camera shake. If you are using a new camera, then it is necessary to practice with angles before your trip. It will help you to find the best setup for your motorcycle.

Securing Your Footage.

Protecting your footage is another important task. Your camera should have enough storage options like removable memory cards to carry extra memory cards, and your camera should have built-in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to back up your footage on the external hard drive. It would help if you carried extra batteries in case one battery dies and then you have another battery.

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03 January 2024


Experience the thrill of the open road, the wind in your hair, and the roar of a powerful engine under your feet: there’s nothing quite like the excitement of riding a motorbike. Motorcycle tours offer the perfect escape for riders looking for adventure and a unique sense of freedom. In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of motorcycling and how riders can enhance their style experience, focusing on the iconic accessories that define our culture. 

The Allure of Motorcycle Tours:

  • Embrace Freedom on Two Wheels

Motorcycle tours are a great way to see the area, from steep mountainous terrain to winding coastal roads. Riding a motorcycle across the open landscape is an unparalleled experience. Motorcycle riders aspire to a lifestyle that also includes the thrill of riding and using their bikes as a means of transport.

  • Connecting with Like-Minded Riders

Riding a motorcycle is not just a means of transportation but also an opportunity to bond with other riders. If you ride in a group, there’s plenty of time to laugh, share experiences, and develop lifelong friendships with fellow riders. Motorbike trips bring people together, whether on a single or group ride. It connects them because of their mutual interest in motorcycles.

The Style Element: Customized Jacket:

  • The Iconic Biker Aesthetic

The leather jacket is associated with the motorcycling lifestyle, which has become a symbol of challenge and rebelliousness. However, motor riders take their classic leather jackets to new heights in today’s motorcycling culture by adjusting them for personal taste and style.

  • Personalized Expression

A customized jacket is a blank canvas that awaits your personal touch. The riders can choose their paint colors, patches, embroiderations, and airbrushing to create jackets that will express their unique story. Thanks to this customisation, the jacket will be more distinct and representative of its rider’s style.

  • Safety Meets Style

Undoubtedly, fashion plays an important part, but it shouldn’t sacrifice safety. Many custom jackets give priority to safety features such as padding and strengthened armor. The best way to ensure that riders are comfortable and attractive on their journey is to achieve the ideal balance in terms of practicality and aesthetics. Experience the Thrill!

Choosing the Right Customization:

  • Reflecting Personality

Motorcycle riders should consider features representing their interests and personalities when selecting personalization options for their jackets. A unique embroidery, a patch with your favorite bands, or even a personal phrase can personalize a jacket.

  • Theme-Based Designs

Themed designs provide a unified and striking visual option for those who want to go beyond personalization. Wearable artwork and themed designs can transform a jacket into a statement piece, whether a throwback aesthetic, a tribute to popular culture, or a representation of the driver’s heritage.

  • Collaborating with Artists

Some riders decide to work with skilled artists to produce original works. Painting a custom design on a jacket by a professional artist will result in a genuinely distinctive and personalized item. This degree of cooperation results in a jacket that is genuinely a work of art to wear in addition to supporting the art.

The Journey Continues:

  • Planning the Ultimate Motorcycle Tour

When your personalised jacket is prepared for riding, it’s time to organise the ideal motorbike excursion. The adventure will be more anticipated if you research possible stops, destinations, and routes. The options are as endless as the road itself, whether you’re driving along the Pacific Coast Highway or exploring the stunning scenery of the Rocky Mountains.

  • Capturing Memories

Nowadays, with social media, keeping a travel journal has become an essential component of the experience. Riders can create a digital album of memories by sharing their adventures. The customised jacket’s distinctive design in these pictures steals the show and represents the rider’s journey and sense of style.


In motorcycles, the excitement of riding is enhanced by donning a unique jacket that radiates individuality and style. Adopting the biker lifestyle is more than just where you’re going; it’s about the experience, the people you meet along the way, and how you express your individuality with a well-made jacket.

The custom jacket transforms from simple safety gear to representing freedom, individuality, and roadside friendship as riders prepare for their next journey. It must be remembered that a journey is equally important as the destination, so start your engine, ride like the wind, experience the thrill and enjoy the rush of motorcycling in style.

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11 December 2023 – We now offer Central Coast Harley tours. Harley Davidson tours are a unique and thrilling way to explore the Central Coast of NSW. These tours offer an exciting mix of adventure and sightseeing, allowing you to experience the region’s stunning landscapes. Fun from the back of a classic Harley Davidson motorcycle! With a variety of routes to choose from, you can cruise along the coastline, venture into the lush national parks, or explore the charming local towns.

Tours are carefully planned

Each tour is carefully planned and led by experienced guides who are knowledgeable about the region. They ensure you get to see the best sights and attractions that the Central Coast has to offer. Stops at key attractions and scenic viewpoints are included in every tour,. This gives you the chance to soak in the beauty of the surroundings and take memorable photographs. We also take photos which we will email you after the ride.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a motorcycle enthusiast, Harley Davidson tours offer a unique way to experience the Central Coast. We cater to all levels of passenger experience and provide the opportunity to ride on a Harley Davidson. All our tours are chauffeured adding to the authenticity of the experience.

Central Coast Harley tours on the open road

Continuing the adventure on the Central Coast Harley tours, you’ll experience the thrill of the open road while taking in the breathtaking scenery of the area. The tours also include opportunities to learn about the local culture and history. For instance, you might stop at a historical site or interact with locals in a quaint town. This would give you a deeper understanding of the area and its people.

Moreover, these tours aren’t just about riding; they can also include rest stops at local eateries where you can enjoy local cuisine (at your cost). This allows you to not only see but also taste the Central Coast, adding another layer to your exploration. Whether it’s a hearty breakfast at a local café or a fresh seafood lunch by the beach – you’ll get to savor the flavors of the region. It will depend on how long you book the tour for though, as to how long we can stop.

With the wind in your hair and the roar of the engine beneath you, a Harley Davidson tour is a truly immersive way to experience the Central Coast of NSW. It’s more than just a ride; it’s an adventure that combines the thrill of motorcycling with the beauty of one of Australia’s most stunning regions.

Aboriginal history of the central coast

The Central Coast of NSW is steeped in a rich history that dates back thousands of years to the Aboriginal era. Evidence of this ancient civilisation is still visible today. Intricate rock art, provides a fascinating glimpse into the region’s past. These indigenous people lived in harmony with the land. Including, developing a deep understanding of its flora and fauna, which is reflected in their art and traditions.

There are thousands of Aboriginal engraving and shelter art sites recorded around Gosford and across the Central Coast region. These rock art sites include animals, birds, sea creatures, bird tracks, human footsteps, male and female figures, hunting weapons and ancestral beings. Many of the sites were documented by W. D. Campbell in 1899.

White settler history

In the 19th century, European settlers arrived on the Central Coast, forever altering the landscape and way of life. They transformed the region into a thriving hub. Agriculture and fishing, introducing new farming techniques and species of crops and livestock. The settlers’ influence is still evident today in the form of charming, historical towns and buildings. Each telling their own unique story of the past.

The modern Central Coast

Over time, the Central Coast expanded and developed, becoming the vibrant and diverse region we know today. Despite this growth, it has managed to retain its rich history and cultural heritage.

The region’s history is also palpable in its heritage buildings, some of which have been preserved and repurposed, serving as restaurants, shops, or accommodation. These buildings provide a tangible link to the past, allowing visitors to step back in time and experience a piece of Central Coast history.

History of the central coast

In addition to its physical history, the Central Coast is also home to a rich tapestry of stories and folklore passed down through generations. From Aboriginal legends and settler tales to stories of the region’s growth and development, these narratives add another layer to the Central Coast’s historical richness.

Therefore, whether it’s exploring ancient rock art sites, strolling through historic towns, or simply listening to the local stories, delving into the Central Coast’s history is an integral part of experiencing this remarkable region.

On a Harley Davidson tour, we can show you many of these historical sites up close. As we journey through the Central Coast, we can stop at key historical points of interest. You can learn more about the region’s Aboriginal and settler past.

We can drop you off anywhere to continue your exploration of the area. Or, on our Central Coast Harley tours, just sit back and enjoy the ride. Feel the breeze on your face and the Feeling of Freedom!

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12 October 2023


Weddings are a festival of affection and two or three fantasies about making their exceptional day remarkable and vital. One perspective that frequently gets ignored is transportation. While most weddings decide on customary transportation methods like limousines or vintage vehicles, there is an emerging pattern for unconventional wedding transportation. This pattern permits couples to add a bit of imagination and enthusiasm to their wedding day. In this article, we will investigate the idea of unconventional wedding transportation and introduce a one-of-a-kind choice: cruising in style with Troll Tours. As a wedding coordinator, it means a lot to stay aware of the most recent patterns and proposition your clients’ exciting and essential choices. Troll Tours gives a unique encounter that will leave the couple and their visitors with remarkable recollections.

Unconventional Wedding Transportation

Customarily, weddings have been related to white-stretch limousines or vintage vehicles. While these choices are immortal and exquisite, the ascent of unconventional wedding transportation has allowed couples to grandstand their character and say something on their important day. Abnormal transport adds a component of shock and enthusiasm, making the wedding day considerably more significant.

Couples are currently exploring one-of-a-kind methods of transportation, for example, tourist balloons, horse-drawn carriages, vintage transports, and even helicopters. These unconventional decisions permit the couple to stick out and make a story to be told into the indefinite future. As a wedding coordinator, it is vital to offer these choices to your clients to guarantee their wedding is a genuine impression of their individuality.

Cruising in Style with Troll Tours

One unconventional wedding transportation choice that has gained prominence is cruising in style with Troll Tours. Troll Tours offers a scope of one-of-a-kind vehicles, including trikes, bikes, and sidecars, to add a dash of energy to any wedding day. The organization has some expertise in providing thrilling and remarkable encounters for couples and their visitors.

Imagine the lady and lucky man arriving at their wedding scene on an in-vogue bike, turning heads and leaving a lasting impact on everybody present. The husband-to-be can ride in style on a smooth cruiser, while the lady can partake in the excitement of a sidecar, joined by an expert rider. This unconventional method of transportation adds a hint of experience and gives a chance to stunning photographs open doors.

Troll Tours offers various bundles to suit different wedding styles and inclinations. For couples looking for a terrific entry, the “Biker Escort” bundle permits the lady and prep to be joined by an armada of cruisers, creating a genuinely extraordinary parade. The “Sidecar Experience” bundle allows couples to set out on a heartfelt ride together, exploring the panoramic detours surrounding their wedding scene.

One of the vital benefits of choosing Troll Tours for wedding transportation is their adaptability. The organization can work intimately with the wedding coordinator to design a course with several inclinations, whether a grand waterfront street or a pleasant open country. This tender loving care guarantees that the couple and their visitors have an exhilarating and customized insight.

In a world with vast conceivable outcomes, embracing imagination and thinking fresh is significant. Whether in artistry, music, writing, or some other type of articulation, imagination permits us to investigate novel thoughts and viewpoints. It tends to be a wellspring of inspiration, a method for solving issues, or a technique for self-articulation. At the point when we tap into our imaginative side, we free ourselves up to a universe of vast potential outcomes. So let your imagination roam free, let your thoughts stream uninhibitedly, and never be reluctant to face challenges and think diversely.


Weddings are a festival of affection and individuality, and transportation is critical in creating a paramount encounter. Unconventional wedding transportation choices, for example, cruising in style with Troll Tours, give an extraordinary and exciting option in contrast to conventional transportation methods. As a wedding organiser, it is pivotal to offer your clients these unconventional choices to guarantee their wedding day mirrors their character and makes lasting recollections. By partnering with Troll Tours, you can give couples an extraordinary and brave excursion to their cheerfully ever later.

Our Harleys are all shiny and loved.

27 June 2023 – Packing for Harley Davidson Glory


Riding a Harley-Davidson on a thrilling motorcycle adventure is unlike anything else. Mostly, tours in Sydney are popular because of the Harley Davidson adventure. However, it is essential to pack effectively and safely to ensure a pleasant and trouble-free journey. In this article, we will give you six fundamental tips to pack proficiently for your Harley-Davidson brilliance, while additionally featuring the best PC sack for movement. Therefore, put on your gear and get ready to travel in style and confidence!

6 Tips for Efficient and Safe Packing – packing for Harley Davidson Glory

1. Take Some Time to Plan Your Trip and Make a Checklist

Before You Start Packing, Make a Checklist of the things you’ll need to take into account the duration of your journey – the weather and the places you’ll be visiting. This will assist you in determining the kind and quantity of personal belongings, gear, and clothing that you should pack. Having a checklist helps you stay organised throughout your trip and prevents you from forgetting anything important.

2. Less is more

When it comes to packing for a motorcycle adventure, less is more. Only bring the essentials. A Harley-Davidson’s limited storage space necessitates thoughtful packing and prioritising of essentials. If you intend to go camping, focus on versatile clothing that can be mixed and matched. Lightweight camping gear and compact toiletries. Keep in mind that handling your bike and keeping your balance on the road will be easier if your load is lighter.

3. Invest in High-Quality Luggage

It is essential for both efficiency and safety to invest in high-quality luggage designed specifically for motorcycle travel. Look for luggage that is long-lasting, weatherproof, and made to fit on a motorcycle. Popular choices include saddlebags, tank bags, and tail bags that keep the bike stable while providing a lot of storage.

You need to make an educated decision when it comes to the best laptop bag for traveling. Pick the bag that is made of tough materials and protects your laptop well while you’re traveling. Multiple pockets and compartments for storing cables, chargers, and external hard drives are a must. It may be comfortable to carry due to the adjustable shoulder strap and padded handles, and the sleek design adds a touch of style to your overall outfit.

4. Smart and Organise Packing

Smart Packing is all about organisation. To save space and keep your belongings well-organised, make use of compression bags or packing cubes. Save space and reduce wrinkles, roll your clothes rather than fold them. To maintain your bike’s stability, place heavier items at the bottom of your luggage and make frequently used items easy to find. In case you need to make some minor repairs while on the road, it’s a good idea to bring along a small toolkit with all the essential tools.

5. Take into account the weather

Check the forecast for your location and pack accordingly. When travelling by motorcycle, layers of clothing are ideal because they allow you to adjust to changing weather conditions. To ensure that you remain comfortable throughout your ride, pack a base layer of good quality, a warm sweater or fleece, and a lightweight rain jacket.

6. Protect Your Things

While it’s important to pack well and choose the right luggage, it’s just as important to make sure your things are safe. To keep your luggage safe and prevent theft, purchase high-quality cable ties or locks. Consider covering your luggage with a waterproof cover to keep dust and rain out. Also, always keep valuables like your passport, cash, and laptop with you or locked in a safe place on your motorcycle. You can have peace of mind and fully enjoy your Harley-Davidson adventure by taking these additional precautions.


In conclusion, when packing for Harley Davidson Glory, it is essential to pack effectively and safely for your Harley-Davidson adventure to ensure a memorable and trouble-free trip. You can make your packing strategy more effective by taking into account the weather, packing light, investing in high-quality luggage, organising effectively, and planning ahead. Also, don’t forget to pick the best laptop bag for traveling that keeps your laptop and accessories safe, durable, and easy to use. Now that you know this advice, it’s time to get in your Harley-Davidson and enjoy the excitement of the open road. Happy travelling!

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Riding a Harley Davidson – only a few vehicle companies in the world have made a brand recognizable worldwide. In the world of motorbikes, the honour of being the most popular and recognizable brand goes to Harley Davidson. Founded in 1903, Harley Davidson has been providing their customers with quality motorbikes for over a century, making them one of the oldest motorbike manufacturers in the world.

What is it like riding a Harley Davidson motorbike with so many different riders worldwide?

We have compiled five things every person who owns a Harley Davidson, is looking to buy one or just enjoys riding it should know. Harley-Davidsons are very unique and amazing bikes, so you should know about the motorbike you ride. On top of that, there is a lot to learn about Harley Davidson’s that can help make your experience of owning one easier and better.

Harley-Davidsons are made to last.

One of the most significant selling points of Harley Davidsons over the years has been its sturdiness and durability. A well-maintained Harley Davidson can easily last you upwards of 10-20 years and not lose a lot in performance over that period.

Buying from a well-reputed brand such as Harley Davidson comes with a guarantee of longevity that other brands might not be able to give you. On top of using quality parts for the bike’s exterior, Harley Davidson also uses the best engines that are made to go a long time.

Easy to maintain and do service of.

Maintenance is always a very talked about issue of whatever vehicle you buy because maintenance costs can rack up, and for some vehicles, it takes a lot of work to get the right parts at a reasonable price. For a Harley Davidson, this isn’t the case at all and finding the right parts at an affordable price and getting it serviced is not an issue at all.

For many motorbikes, maintenance is a costly issue. Harley-Davidsons have an advantage in this respect because they have easy-to-find parts and people who can service them. You pay for what you are getting.

You can become a part of many exclusive groups.

One thing you will find in all Harley Davidson owners is that they love owning their bikes. This opens up opportunities for you to join in on some very special groups that consist of Harley Davidson owners and riders.

Motorcycle groups can help you meet people with very similar interests to you. It could be their love for motorbikes or anything else; some of these groups can lead to lifelong friendships and connections. The community around Harley Davidsons has been growing amazingly, and it is an opportunity for you to be a part of these communities.

You get what you pay for.

One of the many things Harley-Davidsons are known for is their dependable performance and consistency in what you get when you buy a Harley Davidson. Motorbikes like Harley Davidsons are an expensive investment and can cost you a lot of money, so it is important that you get your money’s worth. The internal of your motorbike, like your engine, add a lot to the value of a bike, and with Harley Davidsons, you always get a reliable engine. On the off chance that you run into problems with your engine, their fantastic service in multiple countries worldwide can help you get that serviced.

The look or exterior of your bike is also a big point to consider when buying a motorbike. Along with their amazing interiors, Harley Davidsons also offer a unique and stylish look with their motorbikes that helps distinguish them.

Enjoy the experience of owning a Harley Davidson.

Lastly, it is vital that you enjoy owning a Harley Davidson motorbike and make the most of it. Motorbikes are mainly used as vehicles, but a Harley Davidson allows you to do so much more with them.

You become part of a unique group of people who own the same motorbike and are able to enjoy it. Whether going on long rides on your motorbike alone or alongside a group of friends, motorbikes can be enjoyed in many ways. For example, a very excellent way to improve your experience is to record it through a camera or something like video recording glasses. This allows you to capture many incredible moments.


How Can Better Road Signs Save Motorbike Riders?

Better road signs save motorbike riders
Better road signs save motorbike riders

Vehicle transportation is a staple component of our society. When commuting, we see hundreds of cars and trucks on the road, including advertisements and outdoor digital signage. Sometimes it truly is a wonder how all the vehicles on the road can live in harmony. The credit for road safety goes for a range of components on the road like roading markings, signs, and signals. Additionally, the work done by governments deserves a shout out too. But safety tends to get overlooked for motorbike riders since they are relatively fewer in number. Motorbikes offer a lot less protection than their vehicular counterparts, which means they are more at risk of fatal accidents. It has been suggested that better road signs can save the lives of motorbike riders. But how can this be done?

Visible road signs

Driving is an activity that requires a driver’s full attention and is dependent heavily on vision. Therefore, the only way to communicate information to drivers about road safety is through visual stimulation. Traditional road signs tend to be harder to see, especially since they get worn out with time. Studies have noted that improved road markings and signage have helped increase safety on the road for all road users. When brighter signs have been installed, it has been seen that crash numbers have fallen by almost half. Therefore, installing more modern road signs and even replacing older ones can have a huge impact and save the lives of motorbike riders.

Retroreflective signs

You could simply make older road signs from metal in the past, which did its job but was not super effective. Traffic signs have been revolutionized through technology like retroreflective signs in modern times. These signs work on the principle of reflectivity. What essentially happens is that the light from the headlights of a car or motorbike hits the sign and is reflected to the driver. This returned light makes the road sign appear brighter to the driver, ensuring that they will give them more attention. Therefore, motorbike drivers will be alerted to any road safety alerts, and cars will also be careful. Overall, this results in more safety for motorbike riders.

Active Symbols

A study conducted by researchers found that the symbols on traditional road signs are too passive. They found that drivers were more likely to take action accordingly if the symbols depicted more motion and dynamism. This is because drivers do not have much time to read something, so it will catch their attention if they see a depiction of movement. These symbols can even show a greater risk depiction if designed correctly, resulting in drivers driving more safely. For example, a sign showing falling rocks can show rocks falling closer to the car, showing a genuine danger to their safety. This may prompt drivers to be more alert for any collapses, increasing road safety for them and motorbike riders.

Better Sign Warnings

Just as symbols on signs can influence drivers, so can the warnings written on them. Typically when roads allow cars, motorbikes, and bicycles to share a lane, the signs will read ‘Share the road.’ But this warning is very ambitious, as most drivers may not realize that they are talking about bikes and may think they are trucks. In a quick survey conducted by researchers, they found that more people understood the sign that was about cyclists when it said, ‘Bicycles may use the full lane.’ We can apply this same principle for motorbikes too. Such an implementation can alert drivers to the presence of motorbikes that they can sometimes forget since cars are usually a majority of the road. This can help increase safety for motorbike riders.


The ultimate Harley Tour in Sydney and it’s coastal areas!

If you didn’t get the chance to ride around Sydney on that comfy Harley seat yet, then you’re missing out on half the adventure of your life. Either it’s the massive Sydney Harbour Bridge or the famous Sydney Opera House, stop dreaming about it any longer, grab a soft helmet, tag a cotton towel to your trouser belt and get ready to thunder through the wind on the scenic roads of Sydney. The first question that comes to your mind is where to get a Harley? or which places to visit? No problem, local tourist guides & travel services have that covered for you, but you can’t travel every place in Sydney in one ride. Different tours take you to different places, so you will need to study the area yourself before choosing your rider service and the places to visit. This article will point out the best Harley pathways, so your options are both selective and enjoyable.

Pick up and drop off:

Service providers offering a customisable tour or one-way site visits will pick you up from anywhere in the city and drop you off at your desired destination on that shining chrome-trimmed motorcycle. Following are the best options for short visits from the city:
• Tourist attractions within the city in an hour
• A one-hour evening ride to witness the city lights
• Watson’s bay in approximately one and a half hour
• Manly beach in 1.5 hours
• Coastal run along Bondi and southern beaches within two hours
• Northern beaches or West Head in two to three hours
• A four-hour ride to the central coast via the old pacific highway

All-day tours:

Blue Mountains
Usually, The Blue Mountains tour will take you to Katoomba via the Bells Line of road. From Katoomba, you’ll ride to the Three Sisters Look-out and alongside Cliff Drive. Over there, you will have your lunch and then cruise back to the city across the mountain via the Great Western Highway and the motorway. This 300km scenic round trip on some of the best roads will give your eyes 7 hours of non-stop pleasure.

Hunter Valley
The nine-hour tour of Hunter Valley goes up to Putty Road, which will turn us to Broke and then to Pokolbin. After lunch, you will get to visit many of the beautiful vineyards. The area before you are cruising home down the Expressway and then onto the favourite road of bikers, Old Pacific Highway, to end your 380km round trip.

Central Coast
The Central Coast tour will also take you via the Old Pacific Highway, similar to the first two. Your first break for coffee will be at Mt White before riding into Gosford. Then you will continue riding towards Terrigal, where you will have the famous dishes of the Hoggs Breath Café for lunch while enjoying the beach view from the balcony. After you are done with lunch, you will follow the coast up to Toukley and then join up with the Expressway for home. This will be a five-hour, 250km round trip.

South Coast
The South Coast or the Southern Highlands tour is the hot favourite and honestly the best. Moving south, you will ride through The National Park to the magnificent views from Stanwell Tops and then to Stanwell Park, where you will stop for coffee. Then you will follow the magnificent Illawarra coastline before heading up towards Robertson, which is located at the top of Macquarie Pass, where you can capture spectacular views of the coast at different vantage points. Then on the way back, you will ride to Picton via the Old Hume Highway and then home. It is a 280km round trip but full of entertainment, and it will take six and a half hours to complete.

The fantasy Harley ride:

All of the tours mentioned above will cost differently, check out our Tours and Prices page. Live the dream of enjoying the beautiful colours of Sydney on your ultimate Harley tour. Feel the Freedom!

Blue Mountains Harley and trike tour

The Harley tour Blue Mountains is a great way to see the famous Blue Mountains. Whether on a trike or Harley, it’s a wonderful area to explore on a motorcycle. The foothills are situated 50 kms west of Sydney CBD and it takes approximately 1 hour to ride to the base. Then it takes another hour to ride up the mountain to the main area of Katoomba. Here, in Katoomba is Echo Point, one of the best spots for viewing the area’s most famous rock formation – the Three Sisters (see photo above right.)

Often we meet our passengers half way up the mountain or at Katoomba Railway Station. If time is limited, that way they get to see the best bits, just not the freeway. We recommend two hours to get a good tour of the area. The Blue Mountains is only a small part of an extensive mountainous area associated with the 3,700 km long Great Dividing Range.

Megalong Valley

Megalong Valley is simply magic. While the view from the Hydro Majestic Hotel at Medlow Bath is breathtaking, a drive down into the valley itself is an unforgettable experience. The natural beauty of the Megalong Valley allows any visitor to unwind. The Aboriginal word megalong means ‘valley below the cliffs’. The fabulous Cox’s River passes through the valley, and it is via this river in 1818, Thomas Jones was believed to be the first European visitor to the area. Thomas Jones ventured into the valley to explore its natural vegetation.

Echo Point

The Three Sisters is an iconic formation that you must see at least once in your lifetime. However, there are different versions of the Aboriginal story of the Three Sisters, but what you’re bound to agree with is how truly spectacular it is. The imposing Three Sisters is best seen from Echo Point lookout, just outside the national park, on the edge of the plateau. These three weathered sandstone peaks, formed thousands of years ago through erosion, are set among the cliffs of the Jamison Valley. From the lookout, you’ll be able to see the Ruined Castle and Mount Solitary.

Jamison Valley

The Jamison Valley makes up a part of the Coxs River system, a complex structure of canyons and valleys that sprawl out in NSW. The historic timeline of the Blue Mountains spans back 470 million years to be exact. The development of the region began when the entire land was immersed in seawater. With the earth’s plates slowly moving to create the continents we know today. During this time, the large sediments settled on the seafloor. Slowly compressing together to form sandstone and shale underwater rocks. Once the sea levels lowered, the large rocks appeared; with thousands of years of erosion and volcano eruptions shaping these mountains. Soon life developed, covering the area in rich greenery and unique Australian animals. Creating what we know today, as the green Jamison Valley. https://bluemountainstoursydney.com.au/attractions/jamison-valley/

These are just a couple of the places we can show you in the Blue Mountains area, west of Sydney. There is so much to see there and it really is beautiful. In conclusion, contact us to book or to ask any questions you may have. The Harley tour Blue Mountains really is a great way to see the famous Blue Mountains and Three Sisters. The trike is just as fun.

https://www.trolltours.com.au/tours-and-prices/ The two scenic photos are courtesy of Tourism Australia.

Sunset on Sydney Harbour can be the most beautiful of sights – and sites.

A beautiful sunset on Sydney Harbour.

We cannot guarantee it looks like this if we take you on a tour around Sydney Harbour. However, it is one of the most beautiful harbours in the world, if not #1. So, you will love the view no matter what time of day we take you. Mornings, lunch time, mid afternoons are all fabulous times to see the harbour as well.

Troll Tours knows some great areas around Sydney Harbour. Many places that even Sydneysiders don’t know about. Sydney Harbour is so beautiful it sells itself but, we know how to add value to your visit here.

Sydney Harbour is also called Port Jackson. It’s an inlet of the Pacific, 19 km / 12 miles long with a total area of 55 square km / 21 square miles, which is one of the world’s finest natural harbours. It has minimum and maximum depths of 30 feet (9 metres) and 155 feet at low water, and its irregular foreshores extend more than 150 miles, affording extensive docking facilities. Its principal wharves are near Sydney’s business district. https://www.britannica.com/place/Port-Jackson

What’s at the bottom of Sydney Harbour?

  • Large concrete blocks and steel poles from construction work
  • A variety of furniture items including tables and chairs
  • Dozens of shopping trolleys
  • Small pleasure boats that have broken free from moorings
  • Cars and motorbikes. They have also found what was thought to be
  • A brand new Toyota Landcruiser 4WD which was 50 metres from the wharf at White Bay which “…may have fallen off the back of a ship”
  • Possibly a Porsche or Audi sports car in 6.5m of water just a few metres from the edge of Pier One at Dawes Point, almost under the Harbour Bridge

It’s interesting to think about what’s under the water at sunset on Sydney Harbour!