Harley surprise tour Sydney – Rory 31.05.20

Another 60th birthday surprise present. This Harley surprise tour Sydney was organised by his family. It’s not every day you turn 60, so we reckon it’s worth celebrating. The ride was an extension of the 3 Bridges Tour. It included some of the city and eastern suburbs and beaches as well.

Our Harley rider Phil, picked him up from home in Balmain, in the inner west of Sydney. Firstly, they rode over the incredible Anzac Bridge. This is our favourite Sydney Bridge. We think it is incredible, a work of art and design. Similarly, it is also great to see without a roof over your head inhibiting the view. Most noteworthy, the stay cable design concept development and final design for the new bridge were carried out by the Roads & Traffic Authority of NSW. Finally, the bridge was opened to traffic on 03 December 1995 as the Glebe Island Bridge.

The bridge was given its current name on Remembrance Day in 1998 to honour the memory of the soldiers of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (known as Anzacs) who served in World War I.

Next, they rode through the city and to the eastern beaches of Bronte, Tamarama and the famous Bondi Beach. They stopped at the famous Bondi Beach for photos, when in Sydney it is one of the places you should visit. The beach is seriously nice (but not our favourite) and we usually stop near the lifeguard station, made famous by the TV series “Bondi Rescue”. Bondi Beach is one of the most visited tourist sites in Australia.

posh eastern suburbs

Continuing on, they rode back towards the city via the posh eastern suburbs. It follows the inner harbour and is always nice to check out the view. Vaucluse, Rose Bay, Double Bay and Rushcutters Bay follow the Sydney Harbour coastline. This road leads to Kings Cross, the re light district of Sydney. It’s not as raunchy as it used to be but still interesting to ride through. Down the hill they rode ,past the iconic Harry Cafe DeWheels and into Woolloomooloo.

The traffic is still not heavy so there was still time to keep riding.

So, they continued riding on over the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. We always tell our passengers to look up and enjoy the unique view. The more than 6,000,000 rivets are so interesting and the arch is so iconic. Next it was through North Sydney and Crows Nest before joining River Road. It is a fun road to ride on. River Road leads to Burns Bay Road which, in turn, leads to another bridge but not one of the main three.

Fig Tree Bridge, Tarban Creek Bridge, Gladesville Bridge

The Fig Tree Bridge opened in 1963 and spans the Lane Cove River. After that bridge, they continued on and crossed the second of the bridges Tarban Creek Bridge. This spans Tarban Creek, likewise, it has nice views east to the Harbour Bridge. Then they got to bridge #3 of the main 3 Bridges, the Gladesville Bridge. It has wonderful views along Parramatta River towards the Harbour Bridge and the city.

This bridge is on the main arterial thoroughfare of Victoria Road. However, the 1.5 hours was almost up so they travelled along for a short while before turning off into Balmain. Phil dropped Rory back at home. In conclusion, the Harley surprise tour Sydney was a huge success. Rory rang up straight away for the photos, which we hadn’t yet received from our Harley rider. 🙂 We always email the photos once we receive them and ask for feedback and a testimonial.