Christmas gift voucher present – Claire + Ryan 15.08.20

The Christmas gift voucher present was bought for them by Ryan’s parents. Claire + Ryan live outside of Sydney so we organised a date with them for when they would be here. It was postponed a few times for various reasons, including coronavirus. But, one day it all came together.

Manly ferry from the CBD to Manly was the first part of the fun weekend. Craig, our trike rider, picked them up from a pre-arranged place near the wharf. We send a map so our passengers know where to meet.

Firstly, they stopped a view worth checking out – at Tania Park, on Dobroyd Head. The views are amazing looking across Sydney Harbour and through North and South Heads. Next, they rode around the peninsula into Clontarf. Joining the A8, an arterial road, they headed south and crossed the Spit Bridge. This is always fun, with lovely views of Middle Harbour and hundreds of yachts.

Balmoral Beach

After that, they did a detour to have a look at Balmoral Beach. It is one of the ‘posh’ Sydney suburbs and you can see why when you visit. The Balmoral Beach Conservation Area is listed on the New South Wales State Heritage Register. The area includes Edwards Beach as well as Balmoral Beach, plus the promenade, esplanade, rotunda and Bather’s Pavilion, which date back to the 1930s. All parts we ride past on our tour.

Continuing west, they rode through Cremorne, Mosman and down past the Zoo to Bradleys Head. Make sure you look for the koalas eating and sleeping in the gum trees.

Bradleys Head

Similarly, Bradleys Head has wonderful views across Sydney Harbour to the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and the CBD. After that, it was back up the hill and past Taronga Zoo. Then it was into the suburb of Neutral Bay.


This leads to Kirribilli, where they rode past Admiralty House. It is the Sydney official residence of the Governor-General of Australia. After that they rode past the Prime Ministers mansion – Kirribilli House. It is the official Sydney residence of the Prime Minister of Australia.

Continuing around the corner they arrived at Jeffrey Street Wharf. From here, the views across Sydney Harbour towards the Sydney Opera House and the CBD are magnificent. In addition, it also has an up-close view of the side and underneath of the bridge. They also stopped for photos here.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Lastly, they rode through Sydney city and over the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. The view of the arches is fantastic without a metal roof over your head. More than 6,000,000 rivets were used to assemble the various plates on the bridge.

However, time was just about up so Craig dropped them off at a hotel in the city. In conclusion, the Christmas gift voucher present was a big success and a present neither Claire or Ryan will ever forget.