Surprise 11th birthday ride – Louis Family 21.08.20

This surprise 11th birthday ride was a huge success! Oscar is turning 11 and because of coronavirus he can’t have a party. So, his parents decided to surprise him and two of his friends, with a trike ride. When our two trikes turned up he couldn’t wipe the smile off his face, neither could his friends and family.

The three friends went on the black trike, the parents and Oscar’s sister travelled on the yellow trike.

The trikes picked the family and friends up from their home in West Pennant Hills. It didn’t matter where we took them, it was for the experience more than the places we rode through. Our riders didn’t want to sit in traffic with the passengers, it’s not much fun. So they headed north, away from the city.

Firstly, they rode past the Koala Park, through Cherrybrook, Dural and Middle Dural. Continuing on, they rode to Glenorie via the Old Northern road. However, the hour was over half way done. The riders turned around and rode back down via to Galston. This was along along Arcadia Rd and Galston Road returning to West Pennant Hills and home.

In conclusion, the Surprise 11th birthday ride was a huge success. Oscar’s mum wrote on Tripadvisor:


You can’t go wrong with this tour!

“Absolutely the best bike tour in Sydney! Highly recommended for service, engagement, fun and overall experience five stars! ⭐️

Glenorie history

Located on the Old Northern Road, a historic road built by convicts between 1825 and 1836 to link early Sydney, in the Colony of New South Wales, with the fertile Hunter Valley to the north. Glenorie was originally part of Dural and later known as North Dural. The name caused confusion for the post office and in April 1894, local resident William Black offered the Colony’s Postmaster General two names: Hazeldore and Glenorie. The name Glenorie was accepted because it had the support of the local progress association. Glenorie was named after a known and popular town in Scotland.

North Dural Post Office opened on 1 August 1894 and was renamed Glenorie on 1 October 1894.