92nd birthday Harley ride – Les 05.12.20

Andrew contacted us to organise something for his Dad. We ended up organising a 92nd birthday Harley ride for his Dad Les. A Harley ride has been on Les’ bucket list forever. As Andrew said, it’s taken me sooo long to find the perfect present for Dad.

Les knew exactly where he wanted to go. He wanted to do the famous Old Pacific Road route to Mt White. Then he wanted to stop at the Road Warrior Cafe for a stretch and a coffee.

Old Pacific Highway

Our Harley rider Phil picked Les up at home on the northern beaches. Firstly they rode along the amazing, curvy and bendy Old Pacific Highway. As the NSW Government website says: “A short – but sweet – ride through national park, full of slices of history and the ever-popular Pie in the Sky café. Older, more unpredictable corners up to Mount White are to be treated with caution, even for experienced riders.” How good is the 92nd birthday Harley ride so far!!

After a good chat at the cafe, Phil rode them back to Les’ home in the Upper North Shore of Sydney.

In conclusion, the 92nd birthday Harley ride was a huge success, see below.

When Phil emailed us the photos, he wrote,
“Great guy. Took us a while to get him on the bike but from then on it was easy. He’s now scrubbed it off his bucket list.
We went there Old Pacific H’way and came back the Motorway after having a long chat at the Road Warrior. It was a good ride.”


Hi Katrina,
Dad had a great ride and he thoroughly enjoyed Phil.  It seems both are engineers.  Thank you and Phil so much for Dad’s adventure.

Thanks for the photos and it is ok to use a photo on your social media.


Here is an interesting post about the Old Pacific Highway. http://www.storiesofbike.com/stories/old-pac