Valentine’s Day – show your love to that special one!

Valentine’s Day – show your love to that special one! Don’t forget, it is on Sunday 14 February this year (2021).

If you are stuck for ideas just look at what we have. Harley and trike tours around Sydney! Isn’t that more fun than red roses? Our tours sure are more fun and way more memorable. You won’t need to dress to impress ?. No need to book for actual Valentine’s Day, we can email you a gift voucher. This means the love of your life can book for you both, when it suits.

All of our tour routes are flexible, the ones on our website are just ideas. You can choose to do one of them, change one of them or design a completely new route.

Troll Tours provides everything

Troll Tours provides everything – accredited trike and Harley riders, Harbour Bridge toll x 1 per bike, GST, photos, helmets, jackets (if needed), insurance and a fun time. It also includes the Passenger Service Levy and government taxes. 

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated annually on February 14. It originated as a minor Western Christian feast day honoring one or two early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine and, through later folk traditions, has become a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance and love in many regions of the world.

Court of love

The earliest description of February 14 as an annual celebration of love appears in the Charter of the Court of Love. The charter, allegedly issued by Charles VI of France at Mantes-la-Jolie in 1400, describes lavish festivities to be attended by several members of the royal court, including a feast, amorous song and poetry competitions, jousting and dancing. Amid these festivities, the attending ladies would hear and rule on disputes from lovers. No other record of the court exists, and none of those named in the charter were present at Mantes except Charles’s queen, Isabeau of Bavaria, who may well have imagined it all while waiting out a plague. Thanks to Wikipedia for this information.

So don’t forget Valentine’s Day – show your love to that special one!