trike tour to Harley shop – Dyllan + Steven 03.03.21

Originally our passengers wanted to do the City Viewer tour. After thinking about it, they decided on a totally different route. So, when Craig our trike rider turned up at their hotel, they asked if he would do a the trike tour to Harley shop.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Steve loves the Harleys and wanted to by a t-shirt and wallet. Craig loves Harleys also so knows where all the Harley shops are in Sydney. Firstly, they rode from their hotel, through the city then across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We always tell our passengers to look up and enjoy the unique view. The more than 6,000,000 rivets are so interesting and the arch is so iconic.

Spit Bridge

Continuing on, they rode through the lower north shore suburbs of Neutral Bay and Mosman. Next, they rode over the Spit Bridge which crosses Middle Harbour, this is always fun. The Spit Bridge is a steel and concrete girder bridge with a bascule lift span. The lovely views of Middle Harbour and hundreds of yachts are hard to forget. Riding further up the hill they rode into the northern beach suburbs of Seaforth and Clontarf. So far the the trike tour to Harley shop was a lot of fun.

Northern Beaches Harley Davidson

Further along and into the Northern Beaches, they arrived at Northern Beaches Harley Davidson. They all had a look around the big boy’s toy shop before continuing on to Manly Beach. Famous for its pine trees and it’s long. From north to south, the three main sections of Many Beach are Queenscliff, North Steyne, and South Steyne.

Dyllan + Steven were dropped of at Manly Corso. Here they were going to eat some lunch before catching a ferry back into Sydney city. In conclusion, the trike tour to Harley shop was a great success. They saw the big boy toys and saw some of the lovely sights as well.