surprise 18th birthday ride – Hila + Sinead 14.06.22

The surprise 18th birthday ride on the Harleys, was a huge success. Sydney Australia.

The Harley surprise 18th birthday ride was organised by Hila for her daughter Sinead. Turning 18 is a milestone and needs to be celebrated. After some organising, a 3 hour route was decided on with a stop for Sinead’s first legal drink.

La Perouse

Our Harley riders Phil and David, picked them up from their home in the Shire, south of Sydney. Firstly, they rode to La Perouse for a look across Botany Bay back towards the Shire. The name commemorates French navigator Jean-Francois de Galaup, Comte de La Perouse, whose two ships entered Botany Bay and anchored on the northern side of the Bay shortly after the arrival of the First Fleet in January 1788.

Maroubra Beach + Coogee Bay

Next they rode past Maroubra Beach and Coogee bay to Bondi Icebergs.

Bondi Beach and Bondi Icebergs

Here they stopped for photos and for Sinead’s first legal drink. After their drink, they returned to the Harleys and the next part of the ride. There was some concern as the Harbour Tunnel had been closed, so the route took them down Oxford Street, right onto College Street another right on Macquarie St, all at the speed limit of 40 kph. A final right turn and onto the Cahill Expressway. So far, the surprise 18th birthday ride was a lot of fun and a great experience.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

This leads to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We always tell our passenger to look up and enjoy the unique view. The more than 6,000,000 rivets are so interesting and the arch is so iconic. The more than 6,000,000 rivets are so interesting and the arch is so iconic. It’s nicknamed ‘The Coathanger’ because of its arch-based design. It is the largest steel arch bridge in the world.


Next, they rode past Kirribilli House. Kirribilli House is the secondary official residence of the Prime Minister of Australia. After that, they rode around the corner to Jeffrey Street Wharf. From here, the views across Sydney Harbour towards the Sydney Opera House and the CBD are magnificent. In addition, it also has an up-close view of the side and underneath of the bridge. A perfect place to stop for photos.

The Kirribilli Loop

They rode under the north side of the bridge and continued on their tour. The underside of the northern end of the SHB – Sydney Harbour Bridge – is very interesting. The Kirribilli Loop was finished by riding past Luna Park and the North Sydney Olympic Pool.

However, the 3 hours was almost up so they rode back over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, through the CBD and back to the Shire, the southern suburbs of Sydney. In conclusion, the surprise 18th birthday ride was a huge success:


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3 Hour Tour

Mother – Daughter duo for a surprise 18th birthday celebration and it was the most amazing experience. We went on a 3 hour Harley Davidson tour through all the Eastern beaches and the city. We were guided by Phil + David and they made the experience even better.

Shout out to Katrina for arranging everything behind the scenes too. We also got to stop at Bondi Icebergs for a drink on the way. We would highly recommend anyone of ALL ages. Now we want to buy a Harley ourselves ?

Thank you Troll Tours